Dormibene Natural Pure Mulberry Silk Eye/Sleeping Mask – Soft & Comfortable – Effective blindfold to Block out Light, Meditation, Travel & Anti Ageing – For Men and Women – Includes Ear Plugs & Travel Pouch (Ivory)


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Best Pure Silk Eye Mask and Mouldable Ear Plugs for Perfect Sleep and Rest

Improve your Sleep Routine Now?
Do you feel you are not getting a good rest?
Are you tired of being woken up by light or noise?
Do you have difficulty achieving a sound sleep that makes you feel rested and energised?
Once disturbed do you have difficulty going back to sleep?
Are you a shift worker struggling to change sleep times and patterns regularly?

Introducing the Dormibene sleep eye mask, snoring ring and mouldable red foam ear plugs to solve these problems

– Designed to block out light and sound.Blocking light enables the body to produce melatonin which is a natural way of inducing sound restful sleep that has health and rest benefits.
– Easily adjusted for a comfortable fit, stylish black silk VERY SOFT. Made from silk produced by domesticated silk worms fed on a diet of fresh mulberry leaves.
– Pure silk aids skin to breathe without irritation or sweating, hypoallergenic.
– Amazon buyers trust our Dormibene products to be premium quality.
– Backed by our full money back guarantee and warranty if not fully satisfied

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  • Dormibene Silk Sleep Mask Set: Our Sleep Mask is made from Pure Mulberry Silk which allows reabsorption of moisture to the eyes and is a Natural Regulator of Temperature helping keep wrinkles at bay and suitable for allergy sufferers. Includes Earplugs and Travel Pouch.
  • Block out the Light: With Summer approaching Avoid the late evening sunset and early morning sun rise affecting your sleep. Our Eye Mask is larger than average which ensures No Light seeps through. Perfect for Home, Meditation, Yoga or Travel.
  • Soft & Comfortable: The Breathable, Hypo Allergenic Completely Natural Material Ensures maximum comfort and eliminates sweat you gain when using 3D Moulded Face Masks.
  • Care Instructions: Keep your Sleep Mask looking its best Machine Wash on Delicates Cycle or Hand Wash. It is Important to use a Detergent that is Suitable for Silks. Dry flat. Do Not Tumble Dry.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: In the unlikely event that our Dormibene Sleep Mask doesn’t meet all of your needs, we’ll send you a replacement or refund you the full price with No Questions Asked.

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