Aromatherapy Oil Earth – Essential Oils of Lavender, Patchouli, Cypress, in Apricot Kernel Oil. for Diffuser, Burner, Fragrance Lamp. for Relaxation, Yoga, Meditation. Promotes Balance and Success.


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Imagine feeling grounded, confident, successful and as if you have all the abundance in life that you need. Maintaining balance with earth makes all of those feeling possible.

When you’re out of balance with earth, you can head outdoors to add more earth to your life. Gardening, taking walks, lying on the bare ground and meditating are all great ways to supplement your earth deficit.


Using specifically tailored aromatherapy blends while you engage in those grounding activities can enhance the effect. Our blend is crafted to help you restore your earth equilibrium. We use several key oils, including:

* Lavender to help relax you while you meditate, undergo restorative acupuncture, massage or practice yoga.

* Cypress is known for its connection to earth, bringing balance and wisdom to your meditation. Its magical protection and healing properties also help this restoration.

* Nutmeg offer comfort and soothing peace so that you can focus on grounding yourself to earth.


We are so confident that you will delight in the fragrance and effect of our Earth Oil that we offer a Manufacturer’s Guarantee.


Try all the oils for a unique experience that is tailored to your needs. Results may vary. Testimonials are from real customers.

Order your life-fulfilling Blended Valley oils now, we sell out fast.


  • ✹ COPYRIGHTED ESSENTIAL OILS E-BOOK IS INCLUDED ✹ Natural oil gives you a unique way to connect with your spirit, body and emotions. Blended Valley book helps unlock the key to using these oils effectively for a richer, more meaningful life. It is included with each purchase for your enjoyment.
  • ✹ AROMATHERAPY OILS AND THE EARTH ✹ The earth element relates to wealth, business success, stability, permanence, fertility and peace. Your connection to this element manifests in all the solid structures of your body such as your bones, hair and skin. When you’re in balance with earth, you feel grounded, confident and successful. Restorative yoga or gardening aided by Earth Oil can help you rebalance your connection to earth.
  • ✹ STAY BALANCED ON THE GO ✹ Your Earth Oil is blended in carrier oil, so it’s perfectly suited to a variety of aromatherapy diffusers, burners, fragrance or salt lamp. As well as on-the-go options like aromatherapy or yoga bracelet, amulet and necklace. This is especially beneficial since walks in nature are a great way to rebalance with earth. You can add a few drops on your healing crystals or stones as well.
  • ✹ YOU’RE ONE OF A KIND AND SO IS YOUR EARTH OIL ✹ We’ve selected only the best grade oils connected to earth’s vibrations to add to this unique elemental blend. Cypress essential oil, patchouli oil and nutmeg oil are grounding elements, helping you to restore your connection to earth. We’ve also added calming lavender oil to help you mind to be still and relaxed.
  • ✹ YOU DESERVE EXCELLENT VALUE✹ Your Earth Oil is extremely versatile. It can be used in many aromatherapy and esoteric applications, and it can also be used in concert with other related essential oil healing blends or chakra oils. The earth element is related to root chakra, so you can use them together, or with any calming, grounding oil blends to amplify the stabilizing benefits. This versatility and efficacy give you terrific value and flexibility.

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